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The 4 founders of the BBC buy now some bbcbuy now some bbc

"Started from the bottom now we here"



Base Boys Club Tower

After many years of hard work, the club learned of the existence of the BASE blockchain project, and decided to be the first link in the chain by launching the Boys Club Token.

They decided to become one of the biggest by buying Blackrock, which allowed them to sit next to the biggest cryptocurrency agency not far from Naw Yark.


This successful site would not have been possible without this token. Rumor has it that anyone in possession of this token has achieved unfathomable wealth.

The four friends thinking about their convictions

This success story was not without its share of challenges. Our four affluent friends endured difficult times before their prosperity: the Bear Market.

Through perseverance, friendship, and the unwavering belief instilled by a certain J., they held firm in their conviction that onchain is the next online.

The four friends thinking about their convictions

It is this very conviction, embodied by the BBC token, that sparked the legend of the Base Boys Club and fueled the fortune of its adherents and investors alike.

This belief has empowered them to contribute to making the world a better place, and above all, a place that... FEELS GOOD MAN.


Tokenomicstoken address


How to Buy

The four friends thinking about their convictions

Create a wallet

Download MetaMask or the wallet of your choice from the App Store or Google Play Store.
For desktop users, download the Metamask Chrome extension by clicking on the fox head.

The four friends thinking about their convictions

Get some ETH

Buy $ETH from your favorite CEX. Send it to your Metamask wallet through the mainnet. (You can also buy $ETH directly from Metamask or bridge your existing ETH through Orbiter or Jumper Exchange)

The four friends thinking about their convictions

Go to Uniswap

Go to app.uniswap.org in Google Chrome, or just click on the Andy Unicorn, and connect your wallet. Paste the $BBC token address into Uniswap, select Base Boys Club, and confirm.

The four friends thinking about their convictions

Swap it baby

Swap your $ETH for $BBC. Don't forget to increase your slippage if your transaction fail.